Meet the 2019 Yearling Team



This page introduces you to the 2020 Nature's Kennel Yearling Team. These are the dogs that will be running with Ed in 2020. Each of these dogs has a chance of making Laura's A-Team in the coming 2-3 years if they show that they have the mental and physical ability to run with her team. The page also includes information about our dog sponsorship program that allows fans to sponsor their favorite dog in exchange for race memoribilia.


All of the proceeds from the yearling team's sponsorships go toward Laura's 2020 racing season. This is how the club works; once a dog receives a sponsor, the sponsor's name and picture will be listed next to the dog and that dog will no longer be available for sponsorship.  They become that person's sponsored dog. Once you have sponsored a dog, you will always get first chance to sponsor that dog again for the following race season.


Benefits of joining the club include exclusive Nature's Kennel memorabilia. Scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed information on the memorabilia that you will receive!





Age: 7

Race Record:


2016-Percy DeWolfe


Aruba is a super fast and driven leader. She loves to motor up front and see new things. She is a fun and energetic cheerleader and is always ready to go!




Age: 2

Oleo is beautifully built and very mature. He is always a joy to have in the team and gets along great with everyone.




Age: 2

Baxter is a great, super relaxed but excitable young dog. He is the firstborn pup out of our main boy Baker, and has a promising future. The older he gets, the more he resembles his awesome dad!




Age: 2

Sparty is a really calm and fun young guy. I think he will mature really quickly.




Age: 2

Breslin has a crazy amount of energy! He never calms down and always has to be moving his feet. He loves to spend his free time playing with his brother, Sparty.




Age: 2

Camac is reserved, but very human focused and loving. He reminds us a lot of his dad, Elmer. That fact gives him a great chance of making the A-Team someday.




Age: 2

Mac is a fun, crazy hyperactive dog. He is best friends with his brother, Cheese and is a natural leader!




Age: 2

Roni may not have gotten the good looks, but he is an amazing sled dog! He is a brother to Mac and Cheese and just like them, he is a natural leader. Ed loves this big boy's potential.




Age: 2

Cheese sums up the Mac, Roni, and Cheese trio! He is a super fun and happy dog who is always celebrating life. Cheese is a natural in lead also!




Age: 1

Orion is the biggest boy in his litter and he moves down the trail effortlessly. At just over a year old, he is already a cheerleader and loves to see the harnesses come off the hook.




Age: 1

Draco is a little guy, but he has a big heart! Draco is going to take a bit of time to mature, but I think he is going to be a superstar when that day comes. 




Age: 1

Flap is a big and handsome guy. He has great enthusiasm for life in general, and even more when the harness comes out!




Age: 1

Hinge is a super fun, big boy! His attitude is very similar to his dad, Baker's. He LOVES to run and he wants the world to know it!

Want to Sponsor a Yearling and Join the Nature's Kennel Race Team?
Your $100 Junior Mutt Club Membership Includes:


  • Your name and picture displayed on the Nature's Kennel webpage

  • Nature’s Kennel bumper/window sticker

  • Nature’s Kennel 2019 race team poster

  • 4x6 photo magnet of your Junior Mutt

  • Your dog's dog booties worn in training and racing throughout the year