Thrilla in McMilla Fun Race--Date TBA for 2021


MUSHER MEETING: 9:30 AM on March 28th at Nature’s Kennel. You may arrive earlier if you wish, but please be on time for the meeting. 


If you are leasing an NK team:  You are required to attend the musher meeting.   You will be provided with a six dog team, sled, sled bag, harnesses, and gangline.  You will need to bring your own clothing and other personal items such as handwarmers, sunglasses, a water bottle or snacks for your run if you so choose.  NK lease teams will be running the 20 mile loop.  We highly suggest some mushing experience prior to your race.  This could be one of our day trips or an overnight trip.  If you have not done a trip with us in the past, we suggest you inquire about doing a trip on Friday, March 23 or earlier in the season. 


If you are running your own team: You are required to attend the musher meeting.  You must provide your own dogs (4-6 dog team), sled, snowhook and mushing equipment. There is limited parking at Nature’s Kennel so please let us know if you have an oversized rig. You will not be able to hook up and run from your truck.  You will have help hauling your dogs about 100 yards from the parking area to the kennel where there will be a snub post for you to tie off your sled. 


Race Rules:

Be safe, kind and responsible.  This is FOR FUN.  There is no race purse, only some fun trophies and fun memories.


There will be marked trail.  The race course is our tour trail that we have run all year. It is a well groomed trail but it is not very wide for passing.  There are two snowmobile trail crossings that will be staffed but you may be required to stop for a safe crossing.


You will be issued a race bib that you can keep.  The bib will be the # of your start order which will be determined prior to the musher meeting.


Race will start at approximately 11:30 AM.


Each musher will be timed when he/she crosses the “timing starts here” line.  This will allow for teams to leave the kennel in a manageable sequence.  There will not be start times issued, there will only be a start order which allows us a little flexibility in getting teams out.  Your time will end when you cross the finish line.  Passing is permitted.  Please be courteous and allow teams to pass and be passed.  Reminder: there is no race purse and the trophies are not that exciting.  Be nice and have fun!


Mandatory Gear: Common Sense. 


There will be a 2 mile youth race at 3 PM.  Youth can run one of our teams or their own.  All youth will receive a prize and race bib.  We do ask that all adult racers and volunteers assist as trail help on the youth race.  There is no prior experience necessary for the youth race.


Race Entry: $300 for an NK lease team. $150 to race your own team. $25 for youth race.  To enter, please email Tasha (, including  your name and phone number.  If entering a youth race, please include your age so we can set up age groups.  Entry fees may be made by credit card (over the phone) or by sending a check to Nature's Kennel, PO Box 5, McMillan, MI 49853.


Awards Banquet: Newberry Elks Club on March 28th at approximately 5:30 pm.



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