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Thrilla in McMilla Fun Race--March 27, 2021

Please Note: for 2021 this will be a KIDS ONLY FUN RUN!!


The 2021 Thrilla in McMilla will be for KIDS ONLY this year!  While we had hoped to host our full event, for various reasons, we feel that it's safest for everyone involved to just offer this to kids.  Parents and siblings are welcome to attend (and help out!) and we can always take volunteers.  



There are two options/classes:

Ages 6 and up: Puppy Fun Run-2 mile loop, 2-3 dogs 

Ages 9 and up: Yearling Fun Run-4 mile loop, 3-4 dogs

This will be a fun run only, there will be race timing but NO passing allowed along the trail.  We just want to give the kids a chance to run their own dog team and have a fun race.  All participants will receive an awesome t-shirt! The race will be held March 27th, weather and trail conditions permitting.  We will make a decision on the race date by March 20th.  

Race Day Schedule:

MUSHER MEETING: 10 AM on March 27th at Nature’s Kennel. All kids who are running must attend the meeting.


Nature's Kennel will provide: sled, sled bag, harnesses, and gangline.  Kids will need to bring their own winter clothing and other personal items such as handwarmers, sunglasses, etc.  No experience is necessary. 


Race Rules:

Be safe, kind, and responsible.  This is FOR FUN!!!


There will be marked trail and a lot of volunteers/trail help along the course.  The race course is our tour trail that we have run all year. It is a well groomed trail but it is not very wide for passing.  

Race will start at approximately 11:30 AM.


Each musher will be timed when he/she crosses the “timing starts here” line.  This will allow for teams to leave the kennel in a manageable sequence.  There will not be start times issued, there will only be a start order which allows us a little flexibility in getting teams out.  Your time will end when you cross the finish line.  


Race Entry: $30 


To enter, please email Tasha (


Include your child's name, age, and shirt size.  Please let us know they are entering the puppy (2 mile) or yearling (4 mile) class.  Include parent's name and phone number.   Entry fees will be collected on the day of the race.  


Awards will immediately follow the race.  We will have a bonfire going all day with hot dogs, smore's and snacks. If you'd like to bring snacks to share or make a donation to the "food fund" it would be appreciated.  



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