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Who We Are

Ed Stielstra started Nature's Kennel about 25 years ago in Ludington, Michigan.  After getting married in 1998, he and Tasha moved to Duluth, Minnesota where they held "real careers".  They returned to Michigan in 2002 to operate Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Racing and Adventures on a full-time basis.  In addition to operating a world class touring business, both Ed and Tasha have competed in distance races around the world.  Ed is a eight-time Iditarod finisher and both Ed and Tasha have won Marquette's UP 200 Sled Dog Race.  They now get to share their adventures with their two young children, Nate (born in 2010) and Fern (born in 2012).  


Ed and Tasha pride themselves on the fact that all of their 200 sled dogs are part of their family.  Both Ed and Tasha have won numerous humanitarian awards in races for their outstanding dog care.  Their dogs are well known not only for their excellent race history and pedigrees, but also for their outstanding personalities.  All of their dogs are extremely well socialized and get to visit with hundreds of adults and children each year.  

Each year, Nature's Kennel employs a fantastic group of guides who help train the dogs, lead sled dog tours, and provide individualized attention to the dogs on their assigned teams.  Our guides come from around the world and love to share not only their dog sledding experience with our guests but also their personal interests. 

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