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Educational Programs--"Pulling Together"


Musher and educator Tasha Stielstra has combined her five years of classroom teaching with over fifteen years of mushing to create an interactive presentation about teamwork and how it relates to sled dogs and children.  The "Pulling Together" program is centered around  the core values of being safe, kind and responsible citizens.  Programs can also be indivudually modified to meet curriculum standards, highlight pieces of literature (Call of the Wild, WoodSong, Akiak, Stone Fox, etc.) and is suitable for grades Kindergarten through 8th. 


Students will:

  • See an interactive slide show with photos and videos to demonstrate and reinforce the core values of being safe, kind and responsible. 
  • See why working together and respecting others makes a successful team.
  • Learn the true meaning of teamwork by working as a model dog team.
  • Meet an incredible sled dog athlete up close.

  • Be active participants in the presentation.  


“Pulling Together” offers:

  • Hands-on, minds-on activities
  • Age appropriate, interactive demonstrations and multi-media presentation
  • Mushing equipment for students to handle
  • Small or large group presentations


Even though sled dog racing takes place in the winter, sled dog training and team building takes place all year. "Pulling Together" is structured so that students can learn about teamwork regardless of the season. The majority of school programs are presented in the fall and spring. Please inquire for more information on field trips or group dog sledding adventures. Each year, Ed and Tasha speak to thousands of adults and children across the United States about the dedication and teamwork it takes to fulfill a dream.

















For more information, or to schedule a program, please contact:


Tasha Stielstra 906-748-0513 


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